Get Into Customer Service with AVIN!

Are you between the ages of 18 and 30 and interested in acquiring knowledge and work experience in the Customer Service sector?

By successfully completing the training, you will have the competitive advantage of being considered for 20 job openings currently on offer with AVIN!

The third cycle of the Get Into programme is run in collaboration with AVIN and offers young people free training in the soft and hard skills that a successful Pump Attendant must have. Successful applicants will:

  • Receive FREE training focusing on practical skills required for sector-specific jobs.
  • Spend time training on the job and gain work experience with an employer within the Customer Service sector.
  • Improve teamwork and communication skills, while building your confidence.
  • Develop interview skills and build a CV.
All participants will:
  • Be considered by AVIN for specific job openings.
  • Receive up to six months’ additional support from S.E. knowl for further education or training opportunities.
Main Duties and Responsibilities of those who will be hired:
  • To wear the company uniform and a name tag at the service station
  • To be located at the petrol pumps, identifying the correct pump
  • To politely welcome the customer with a smile give eye contact
  • To suggest differentiated fuels and how much to fill up
  • To inform the customer of current promotions 
  • To offer the customer additional services (windows, air, oil, etc)
  • To quickly and correctly process payment
  • To bid the customer farewell in a friendly and courteous manner
  • To be aware of and apply the Hygiene, Safety and Environmental Rules as well as the emergency plans
  • To keep the maximum cash amount on hand, being aligned with Company’s policy
  • To help colleagues where necessary.
  • To maintain the service station areas in a clean and safe state
  • To check that the company’s equipment and products are always in good condition
  • To report any fault or loss of inventories or an individual’s minor injuries to the Supervisor
  • To be aware of personal goals and to actively attend weekly staff meetings
Interested in applying?
What you’ll need:
  • High school education
  • Good knowledge of the Greek language
  • Mathematical abilities
  • Eligibility to work in the country
  • Fulfilled Military obligations
  • Clean criminal record
  • Flexible employment with irregular working hours and/or including Saturdays and/or Sundays
  • Experience in Customer Service (desirable)

Apply now and get experience with Get Into, from one of the leading companies in the Customer Service Sector.

Get Into Greece!

The Get Into programme is designed specifically for young people between the ages of 18 and 30, to provide them with the necessary training and work experience they need to find a job.

How does it work?

The programme directly links training with real market needs. In collaboration with large companies in Greece that have available job openings, Get Into provides training from qualified professionals and VET trainers that will help participants develop the necessary soft and hard skills that employers seek, today.

Last year, almost 6000 young people in the UK took part in The Prince’s Trust Get into programme which provided them with intensive training and work experience across a range of industries.

3 out of 4 young people who are supported by the Prince’s Trust go on to work education or training after completing a programme.

Why is it successful?

Get Into:

  • Targets skills shortages in specific employment sectors
  • Involves employers in the development and delivery of the programme
  • Provides young people with the skills and experience needed to move into a specific sector and secure sustainable jobs
  • Fosters relationships between employers and training providers
  • Helps change young lives by giving them the first foot on the employment ladder
  • Makes a difference to the local community by providing support, training and job opportunities
Who implements it?

In Greece, the project is implemented by Prince's Trust International, the Bodossaki Foundation and S.E. knowl for Education and Lifelong Learning, with the collaboration of large companies in Greece, from many different sectors.

New programmes will be announced shortly.

Programme Cycles

2nd Cycle: Get Into Tourism Customer Service from Goldair

Τhe second cycle of the Get Into programme, was implemented in collaboration with Goldair Handling, and offered young people free training in the soft and hard skills that a successful Check In Agent must have.

1st Cycle: Get Into Sales from Vodafone

The first cycle of the innovative Get Into programme started with Vodafone Greece, focusing on Sales and offering all praticipants courses on hard skills and the unique opportunity for on-the-job training.

Programme Partners

Prince’s Trust International is a champion of young people. Founded by HRH The Prince of Wales in November 2015, we share the successful programmes and expertise of The Prince’s Trust which, for over 40 years, has helped over 870,000 young people to transform their lives in the UK. We work in partnership with organisations around the world to support local delivery of programmes to help young people aged 13-30 into work, education and training. Our youth programmes create opportunities for young people to thrive, helping them to increase in confidence and build on their skills and experience. We achieve this objective by posting expert staff to assist with the delivery of initial pilot programmes, tailoring our programmes to the local need, and providing ongoing support to enable sustainable future delivery.
The Bodossaki Foundation is one of the most respected privately owned public-benefit organisations in Greece. It was established in 1972 by Prodromos - Bodossakis Athanassiades, who decided to donate his entire fortune in order to promote the provision of health care, equality of opportunity, education, scientific progress and the protection of the environment. The Bodossaki Foundation has deep knowledge of the non-profit sector in Greece and has managed since its inception more than €400m that has been spent placing great emphasis on decreasing inequality of opportunity; on contributing to the education of young people; on improving medical and research infrastructure and on promoting environmental protection.
The Foundation also supports the work of NGOs that treat socially vulnerable groups and has lately set the strengthening of civil society as one of its primary objectives.
In just 6 years, S.E. knowl has offered free education and skills training services to 4.000+ people and has (co)organised free interactive educational and skills seminars for 6.000+ beneficiaries (vulnerable social groups). We develop prototype educational and training content and online platforms on various knowledge areas #soft and transversal skills #cross-functional skills #digital skills #start-ups evolution #business plans #mentoring-coaching #design thinking #job. Our works empower people in need, regardless of race, age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, political leanings, professional and personal background. We put special emphasis on people Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEETs),
unemployed, women, people with reduced economic ability excluded from the learning processes and/or with limited skills, refugees, startuppers, to name but a few. We bring together and closely collaborate with the European academia, industry, labour market and civil society, via an open participatory network. Many of our numerous European projects on VET have been distinguished as Best Practices and in 2016 we got awarded at the Education Business Awards for the Professional Skills Accelerator “Mellon” that has improved the lives of hundreds via upskilling and job obtaining. Our team stands out for the complementarity of knowledge, experience and skills of its people, and is characterized by common will, commitment, autonomy, reliability and mainly by its ethos.

Employer Partners


AVIN, one of the top companies in the Greek petrol market, was founded in 1977. Following a successful course, today AVIN has more than 200 employees and operates a network of 500 retail stations all over Greece. Motor Oil Hellas, one of the largest refineries in Europe is the exclusive supplier of AVIN’s products, guaranteeing maximum safety and quality.

AVIN’s product portfolio covers a wide range of high quality fuel and lubricants designed to satisfy both consumer and business needs.

From the very beginning of the company’s operation, until nowadays, AVIN is guided by an anthropocentric philosophy, guided by respect and consistency towards consumers.

Our everyday mission is to address our clients’ current and future needs, employing a “best practice” strategy that applies to each pillar of our business: AVIN’s retail & B2B.

The top quality products, the powerful network, the competent personnel and the “always on time” delivery, are some of the reasons that have granted AVIN’s clients prime preference.

AVIN’s course of action is directed by values that continuously promote respect towards people and the environment.

In order to offer safe products and reliable services, the company has developed a series of standardized policies and procedures that constitute AVIN’s “Health, Safety and Environmental Protection” principles.

Always functioning according to official regulations and rules imposed by the Greek and European legislation, AVIN creates and continuously implements all up-to-date methods to achieve maximum safety, accident prevention and environmental protection. As a result, the continuous implementation of a systemic management regarding Health, Safety and Environmental Protection has declared AVIN as one of the safest companies in the industry.

With a strong sense of responsibility and a continuous commitment to our vision and principles we are offering products and services to satisfy our customer’s needs.

Address: Hrodou Attikou 12A, 15124 Marousi, Athens, Greece

Phone number: +30210 8093500, Fax: +30 210 8093555

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Goldair Handling provides ground handling services for passengers, aircraft and cargo. The company’s customers are primarily commercial airlines, general aviation companies and cargo transport companies.

Goldair Handling is currently active in three countries (Greece, Cyprus and Bulgaria), with operations deployed in 31 airports in total. These comprise 26 airports in Greece, two airports in Cyprus (Larnaca, Paphos) through Louis Goldair Services (LGS,and three in Bulgaria (Sofia,Burgas and Varna),through its subsidiary Goldair Handling Bulgaria.

Goldair Handling has also developed new partnerships, by providing consulting services and transferring its know-how with specialized personnel, focusing primarily on emerging markets. A recent example is the company’s successful partnership with ICAS, a company operating in the Ethiopian airports of Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa.

Goldair Handling acknowledges that the key pillar ofits success and growth across all sectors of activity, are its people.

Goldair Handling employees create value not only for the company itself, but also for its customers. This is why the company supports a workplace culture in which employees feel valued and secure in terms of employment, providing them with excellent working conditions and continuous development of both their technical competencies and their personal and social skills, and cultivating a workplace culture of team spirit, mutual respect and dedication.

In order to offer a valuable work experience, Goldair Handling is guided by the following behaviours that motivate the actions and activities of its employees:

  • Promptness/Flexibility: I react promptly and effectively to challenges
  • Consistency: I am consistent in my actions and commitments
  • Teamwork: I am an essential part of the team
  • Respect: I respect the opinion and the work carried out by each one of us

Vodafone Greece is a member of Vodafone Group Plc, one of the world’s leaders in telecommunications, with a strong presence in the country’s mobile, fixed and internet market. Since 1992, Vodafone has been driving the market forward and contributing to innovation, having invested more than 1.5 billion euro in the last seven years. Vodafone offers total communications solutions that reliably support the daily needs of consumers and businesses through innovative products, comprehensive services and excellent support. Also, as a responsible corporate citizen, Vodafone Greece responds to current challenges and remains committed to the principles of Sustainable Development.

Vodafone Greece owns one of the largest private fiber-optics networks in Greece and continues to enhance its fixed telephony and Internet services with new possibilities that empower customers. In addition, Vodafone constantly expands its mobile network with extensive 3G and 4G coverage and 4G+ services, offering high speed, quality and reliability, combined with HD Voice technology for crystal clear sound.

Vodafone is recognised as an experienced and innovative partner that addresses current communication needs with high-quality and innovative solutions and excellent customer services. Vodafone shops offer the best retail experience through a growing network around Greece. A unique reference point for anyone wishing to get a first look into the latest 4G smartphones, tablets and accessories, the Vodafone Internet Team helps customers get familiar with mobile internet and its latest applications.